Bravo !!!!

How many of u are afraid of lizards? Anyways it does nt matter coz The fact that a lizard scares me remains unchanged. I can be called brave in almost everything other than lizards.

So, on one unfortunate day, the day when I was already feeling bad to be left quite lonely in the new home , the events seemed to just aggravate my ‘feeling bad’ mode.

Before running into the series of events let me give a brief description which lead to the events. The facts are:
I shifted to a new place recently.
The ventilator window of the home had small openings.
It is summer season where the lizards take the liberty to trespass ur home ( thru the small openings aforesaid).
These facts scared me so very much. But I consoled myself saying ‘common!! u stay in the 2 nd floor.. lizards cant climb up sooo much..’ cant help.. cud nt find a better reason to console myself.

Now. this so-called fine Sunday morning, I planned to spend my whole day lazily ..reading novel.. some chips to munch all long.. and coffee to keep me awake.

After enjoying the Sunday for a while, I just glanced round the room to assure that no one cud now disturb me. I find a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIZARDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lizard peeping out of the tubelight holder.. a dark brown shade .. pretty long.. and fat.. with a very very long tail.. (the details does nt matter.. even if it is short and tiny.. the intensity of my reaction wud have been the same)..

Being very scared I called up a friend to ask his advice on how to deal this tough situation. He is like ‘hmmm… hmm… NUTHIN… just continue reading the book.. and let others(HE and the LIZARD) also enjoy their (his and lizard’s) Sunday’

I said I cant have the lizard as my roomie. He said ‘Lizards would not do anything, they wont eat you’. I innocently asked him ‘What wud lizards eat??’. He added ‘Lizards eat all kinda insects, and once I have also seen it eating cockroaches’. Ohh!! this fact does nt sound good. I said ‘Common cockroaches are soo big, how can a lizard have it’. He said ‘Just the way, Snakes have frogs’ . I felt I was better without knowing this fact. He was quite amused at the fact that I was scared of a lizard and kept on asking me what harm it could do.
I finally thought I should vent out my feelings of what a lizard can possibly do.
It can hide in the clothes hanged on the coat stand, and when I put on those clothes and realize that there is a lizard between me and the clothing—a Deadlock with the lizard.
It can be in my laundry bag clothes, and I knowingly take the clothes along with it, and soak them in water, where the lizard finds it difficult to have the water ride and jumps on to me.
This lizard could have buttery legs, and fall on me at almost anytime.
It can be in the restroom lying on the soap, and I unknowingly pick the soap and rub on my face to find the lizard on my face.
It can stay calm beneath my eating plate and suddenly spring up when I am eating from the plate.

And numerous other ways it can cause a close heart attack to me.

After all these rantings, my fren finds it fit to tell that the dinosaurs were one form of lizards. Ohh what a thing to tell me!! As if I have affection to those extinct organisms which could invoke sympathy to the threatening lizards.

Then for a long time I sat outside my room, feeling that the lizard would go away if I give it some private time. But alas!! Nuthin of that sort happened. Then I thought I have to take courage and drive it away. I took a broomstick and one foot away from the place where the lizard is resting I hit the broomstick against the wall and with that quake it went inside the tube light holder and stopped peeping out. I felt this situation is far better.

So, now everytime it peeps out, I repeat a similar action and make it invisible.

Cheers to me!!!

Stuck here at4/07/2007


hello all

I have finally landed up in Mysore.. doing my first job at Infosys. i would be undergoing four months of training in here...and i am not sure how much i wud be able to access net in these four months.
i guess all you..out there...are fine and healthy...have a nice time and take care...

Stuck here at6/25/2006


pleasures of life!

I was tagged by Harini and now have to post on 10 simple pleasures of life
lemme try!!hmm....what!!!..i cant even think of one..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i love listening to music all thru the day and night!!..
2. i like playing veena!!!
3. chatting for a long long time with close frens!
4. reading an interesting book...esp at night (till morning)
5. getting scolded by Mom
6. sitting at the beach and hanging out with frens!!!..
(okie a small info here...i am leaving Vizag (in June 1st week) and wud be joining in my First Job..and the one thing i wud terribly miss (apart from home and parents) is Vizag's beach!!...Firstly, Vizag has a very beautiful beach.. and secondly... It is in Vizag ( my home town since 21 yrs)!!!!!)
7. i love eating chocolates!! dont look at me that... cant help..still a bit childlike at heart!! ) ;))
8. i love being alone wen i desparately want to be left alone
..complex to explain..but i guess many of u understand...that sometimes it is very very necessary to be left alone ..
9. to accomplish the work i undertook!!
.. okie this is a serious one!!...but i hate to leave a work unfinished!!
10. this is pretty imp and.. pretty unfulfilling most of the times..
.... it is to wake up late in the afternoon!!..oops i mean in the morning!!!

okie..thats it...huh!! finally ten over!!!
accomplished!!.. hehehe

Stuck here at5/24/2006


Holiday Schedule Updates

this is my holiday schedule (okie.. Ideal one)
morning 6.30-7.30 : Tennis some running..and hell lot of tennis
7.30-8.00 : feel tired and exhausted
8.00-10.00 : sleep... :P
10.00-12.00 : do nuthin. . browsing.. wondering...dreaming..chatting..
around 13.00- lunch
till 14.00: realise that nuthin is interesting in the television.
14.00-15.00: think and worry about future..and some research on my fields of interest
15.00-17.30- swimming and travelling
17..30-19.00- help mom with cooking
19.00-20.00- jogging and some more exercises
20.00-20.30- obviously feel tired :))
then around 21
21.00 to 3.00(next day)- more research on career.. and then watch a movie or just browse around
3.00-6.00- good god!!!...wat else.. sleep!!!

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